Across Woking

ACROSS began in 1996 through a number of churches partnering together as a means of building bridges with people of other faiths and cultures.


why does Across Exist?

Woking is deeply diverse, attracting people of different faiths and many nations. We are privileged to be neighbours to those who attend the very first purpose built mosque in the UK. 

Across exists to help ordinary everyday Christians to love their neighbours and to be more effective in sharing the love of Jesus.

  • We believe that God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, is the one true God and we as His Church are led to co-operate with His desire to see all people become disciples of Jesus Christ.

  • As local churches in Woking, we aim to inspire, equip and support ordinary Christians to love, understand and pray for our neighbours of other faiths and be intentional in sharing faith across cultures. 

What do we aim to Achieve?

  • We aim to help Christians make friends with people of all other faiths, building bridges across the diverse communities that exist in Woking, reaching out to them with love, friendship, and the Gospel.

  • We aim to train and inspire local Christians to fulfil their desire to understand and reach out to people from other cultures and faiths which can feel very different to our own.

  • We aim to equip Christians to explain the Gospel in ways that people of other faiths are interested in and can relate to.

  • We aim to support and encourage new believers in their journey with Jesus. 

What do we do?

  • We equip, train and educate Christians through seminars and courses such as ‘Friendship First’ and ‘Joining the Family’.

  • We meet monthly on a Friday night to pray and quarterly on a Saturday morning to pray over breakfast.

  • We run regular ‘Mahabba Meals’ to eat and fellowship with the church community over chosen topics.

  • We use Prophets’ Stories and run a Holy Book Club to enable Muslims and Christians to talk about what they understand of God.

  • We provide resources such as the “Thirty Days of Prayer” booklet during Ramadan and Word of Life Calendars. 

  • We host an International Carol Service each Christmas to celebrate the diversity within the churches of Woking.